Commission Information

based on request prices are subject to change

added characters are 1/2 price of style added onto original price.

freelance art

freelance artist

digital art portfolio

digital artist

Discord Emotes

5$ USD

Simple Character Heads that can be added to a server or used with Nitro 

Graffiti (Flat) Style

15$ USD

Flat Colors and Textured Lineart, Can be heavily stylized or Just a simple character.

Clean Style

25$ USD

Classic Lineart with Highly rendered coloring, shading, and highlights.

Painted Style

45$ USD

Fully Rendered, blended and painted pieces. Heavily detailed and best work I can do.

eugene ref.png
Ref Sheet

50$ - 75$ USD

Can be in any style. multiple angles of character, clothing and accessories no extra cost.

Still examples.png
Character Stills

20$ USD Per still

Character poses mainly used for Youtube

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